Yahoo Bing Migration Issues

on 23 September 2010  Bing, Pay Per Click, Search Engines, Yahoo  Advertisers, Advertising, Download Yahoo, Error Message, Migration Issues, Pay Per Click, Radio Button, Several Times, Yahoo, Yahoo Account

If you're advertising on both Yahoo and Bing, you're aware or should be of the soon coming migration of Yahoo's pay per click platform over to Bing's. This article is geared towards advertisers that have thousands of keywords they are attempting to migrate.

I've attempted to migrate an account using the Adcenter tab within my Yahoo account. After going through the process several times I receive an error message asking me to try again. (See the image below)

I have not be able to get past this point. The other issue I'm having is that I cannot select the 2nd radio button to just import my data.

My current plan is to just download my Yahoo account, make needed changes and then upload through Adcenter desktop.

Share your comments on Yahoo Bing migration below.