Yellow Page Advertising – Is It Working For You?

yellow page advertising

Yellow page advertising has been on the decline for some time now and with the continued adoption of smart phones more and more folks are using the Internet to find local businesses.

At home, yellow page books go from my front door or driveway directly into my recycle bin. As I talk with friends and business owners, many tell me they cannot remember the last time they used a yellow pages book to find a local business.

So the question of how effective yellow page advertising is very relevant with the continued growth of smart phone users.

Do you spend money on yellow page advertising? If so, how much? And most importantly, how well is your yellow page advertising working? Share your opinions below>>>

Yellow Page Advertising

3 thoughts on “Yellow Page Advertising – Is It Working For You?”

  1. I’m starting to get requests from folks as to where to find yellow pages book disposal locations. Other than recycle bins are there any other good locations to dispose of obsolete yellow page books?

  2. Are you still relying on advertising methods that cannot be tracked to a conversion or return on investment (ROI)?

    I’ve talked with many folks who have no idea what type of return they get on their yellow page advertising.

    That’s what makes Internet advertising and email marketing so powerful… Every penny you spend can be tracked back to a click, conversion, or ROI.

    If you have never tried pay per click, banner ads, email marketing maybe 2012 is the year you should give it a try.

    Are you able to determine what type of ROI your yellow page advertising is generating for your company or business? Comment below>>>

  3. We stopped spending money on yellow page advertising a few years back and have not regretted the decision. We now do 100% of our advertising online because we can track results and performance of our advertising dollars.

    Good bye yellow pages.

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